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Player information
Name: Shade
Contact: [plurk.com profile] light_shade
Are you 18 or over? Yes
Other characters played: None

Character information
Name: John Cooper
Age: 234, looks 17
Date of Birth: March 14, 1781
Canon: Agent of Hel series
Species: Vampire. Cooper is a ghoul in canon, which is basically the equivalent of an emotion-draining vampire. He doesn't age, is immortal, and has trouble controlling the need to feed, which fits in nicely with the mythology of the vampires in-game.
Role: Takes odd jobs here and there, but also lives off money he's already saved up over his long life. Baron of the Islington Clan
Rank: Level 2 Baron. He's been with the Islington Clan for four years and has proven himself to be a loyal member.
Background: Cooper was a young lad who fought in the Irish Rebellion of 1798. He was hanged for his part in the Rebellion when he was 17. Unbeknownst to him, shortly before he was killed, a vampire who had taken a shine to the mouthy teenager had given him his blood. He woke up the day after his hanging in a crypt without any idea what was happening to him. Unfortunately, his creator didn't bother to stick around and Cooper was left to his own devices.

Confused, alone, and above all hungry, he spent the next one hundred years travelling the world. He became quite bitter about his lot in life and turned into quite a bloodthirsty vamp. He drained anyone who crossed his path dry. Despite his loneliness, he never sired another human being. He had enough humanity left to not want to subject them to his own personal Hell. He also went through a self-destructive phase where he tried several times to kill himself, but he could never fully go through with it.

In the late 1800s, he met another vampire named Stefan. Stefan was much older and wiser than Cooper, having been turned in the 1500s. He made the argument that vampires didn't have to just be soulless, bloodsucking monsters. He taught Cooper the art of self-control and in return Cooper gave the old vampire his loyalty, following his rule of not feeding on the unwilling. The two traveled for many years together, but eventually separated when Cooper found following the rules to be too hard.

In the mid-1990s, Stefan settled in a small town in America called Pemkowet, which was known for having a thriving underworld. He became leader of a group of vampires and owned the local biker watering hole called the Wheelhouse.

After a coup during which his first lieutenant Johnny tried to oust him, Stefan defeated him, and brought in Cooper from the Old World to replace him. Cooper proved himself to be an invaluable ally, keeping the other vamps in line. But it all went wrong one night when he was pushed too far. Trying to help during an emergency in town, his self-control was pushed to the breaking point. He snapped and drained two tourists almost to the point of death before Stefan managed to knock him out. Despite the fact they recovered and Stefan's forgiving nature, Cooper decided to leave town.

Heading back to Europe, Cooper settled in London and found a place among the Islington Nest. That was about four years ago. He's risen to the level of a Baron and has a tendency to watch out for newbie vampires, wanting to make sure they don't make the same mistakes he did in his youth.

Personality: Cooper's someone who wears a mask at all times. He's got this devil-may-care, mouthy teenager air about him, which can endear him to some people while pissing everyone else off. Really, it's just a front. Underneath, he's someone who is incredibly old and bitter. He got turned when he was very young and feels that he got his life stolen away from him for no good reason. He's got a nihilistic streak a mile wide and sometimes it borders on suicidal tendencies.

This resulted in him spending many years embracing being a bloodthirsty monster, and to some extent, he feels that is never going to change. He has, as of late, tried to see people as more than just a food source, which isn't going as smoothly as he'd like. His self-control is pretty ironclad, yet under the right circumstances he can still snap back into his old ways. He'll make exceptions for people that he gets close to or happens to like, while not caring about draining a stranger dry.

But being a monster isn't all that makes him up. He's got a streak of loyalty that is probably his best trait. Once Cooper finds a cause or person to attach himself to, they have his undying loyalty until the end of time. He'd take a bullet (or stake, as the case may be) for his friends. This trait has allowed him to rise up in the Islington Nest despite only being there a handful of years. While he is fantastically loyal, he doesn't have the heart of a leader. He can follow orders and make some decisions on his own, but positions of power have never held any appeal for him

While he can be rather like a grumpy old man at times, at others, he resembles the teenager he used to be. He's easy-going and calm when the hunger isn't taking him over, with anger not usually rising to the surface. He tries to get along with most people, turning on the charm until they're friends. He's got a talent for doing this, even after only meeting someone once or twice. Even when it comes to his his enemies, he treats most them with a grudging sort of respect, unless they're shown to be complete and utter assholes.

Overall, Cooper isn't someone who is made up of solely black and white shades. No matter whether someone likes him or despises him, he's not someone that's easily going to be forgotten.

Powers & Possessions: He's at a 4 in terms of strength. He hasn't been around this long without learning how to use his powers and he can take down a newbie vampire or competent Hunter when properly pissed off. He could rip a door off his hinges or shatter a glass by crushing it with his bare hands, but trying to do something like throw a car would be beyond him in terms of strength. In terms of magic, he's at a 2. He can compel his victims to do his will, pushing some of that ironclad spirit he has into them until they do what he says.

While he doesn't have any magical items, the possessions of note he does have include two motorcycles, a BSA M20 and Moto Guzzi V7 Stone.

Samples: With Heiji and with Clara.

World building
Locations: None
Items: None.
Magic: None.
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